Nobuyuki Iwashita: Master Tailor

In our partnership with Five-One Factory, we are honored to be working directly with Nobuyuki Iwashita, Factory Manager and Master Tailor. Iwashita-San leads a team of nearly 70 workers at the Hirakata, Osaka based factory.
After graduating from Ueda Yasuko Vocational School, Iwashita-San briefly worked for an apparel manufacturer in Japan. After that, he joined a shirt factory after working as a freelancer, but yearned for something larger.
In 2004, Iwashita-San joined "Five-One Industries", a factory that had been in existence since 1964 and had struggled mightily as styles and fashions changed throughout Japan. In 2009, Five One Factory was established with the goal of expanding throughout Japan and the world.
With Canvas Apparel Group, we are furthering Iwashita-San's mission of taking Japanese precision tailoring to as many people as we can.